ZIBA (ZW21-10)

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PKR 8,690

Burn bright this winter in 'Ziba.' A gorgeous ivory canvas is adorned with meticulously rendered tribal embroideries in multi-hues. Paired with a beautifully embroidered ebony chaddar, this elegant design is sure to keep you stylishly warm through the cold season.

Screen Printed+Embroidered Front Center Panel (Karandi) 0.66 Meter
Screen Printed Side Extensions (Karandi) 0.33 Meter
Screen Printed Back (Karandi) 1 Meter
Screen Printed+Embroidered Sleeves (Karandi) 0.66 Meter
Embroidered Front+Back Hem Border (Karandi) 2 Meters
Embroidered Dupatta (Viscose) 2 Meters
Embroidered Dupatta Left Pallu (Viscose) 0.33 Meter
Embroidered Dupatta Right Pallu (Viscose) 0.33 Meter
Dyed Trouser (Karandi) 2.5 Meters

Fabric details: Shirt - Karandi, Chaddar - Viscose, Trouser - Karandi

Note: Only Dry Clean